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Brook Taverner

Brook Taverner

Brook Taverner

Corporate Wear Ireland supplies the full collection of Brook Taverner and Wardrobes corporate clothing. Choosing the right staff uniform for your business is beneficial for your employees and potential customers. Having the correct image for your business, particularly in industries with frontline employees like the hotel and travel industry, will set the tone of the relationship your business has with your customers. Many businesses don’t have a uniform for staff or have a uniform that is tired and outdated and is not benefiting the business.
By having a your staff look professional with a quality appearance there are a number of benefits for your busines such as improved morale of staff and better efficiency.Teamwork and a much more focused mind-set will all increase from dressing and looking the part. What your staff are wearing will also have a positive effect on both yourself and the people observing you. With staff dressed like confident & successful employees, they are more likely to elevate their performance and customer engagement. 
In choosing a uniform for staff , there are areas where many businesses don’t make the right choices. What look should a business go for, what colours should they use, the corporate look or smart casual? It can be a testing process if you’ve never had experience with clothing or design and neither have your staff. That’s where Corporate Wear Ireland can help with the Brook Taverner collection of staff uniforms. Corporate Wear Ireland will provide you with expert advice and assistance in selecting the right staff uniform for your business.
Brook Taverner Cassino Slim Fit Trouser Signature Collection
Brook Taverner is a market leading name in classic business tailoring and image clothing. The brand has a passion for fabrics and tailoring that sometimes borders on the obsessive. Brook Taverner prides itself in attention to detail and garment performance.
At Brook Taverner garments are manufactured with fine yarns, densely woven and finished to industry-leading standards for all corporate tailoring. So many corporate clothing suppliers don’t have the same high grade garments that Brook Taverner pride themselves in producing.
Brook Taverners state of the art quality control ensures every piece from their wardrobes is of the high standard that their clientele expects. Their testers take every garment, whether it is a business suit, a tailored jacket, or some other piece of work clothing, and really put it through its paces. This includes wearing and washing it to destruction.
Only then can Brook Taverner stand over the workwears ability to endure the grueling realities of corporate life. If it fails, that design will not be sold.
You can explore Brook Taverners range of business image clothing here on our website , where you can mix and match, and accessorise, the off-the-shelf ranges :
tailored suits | tailored jackets and waistcoats | men’s trousers | ladies’ trousers | skirts | overcoats | shirts & blouses
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